• Cleanses and detoxifies your entire digestive tract.
  • Relieves bloating, gas and occasional constipation.
  • Promotes intestinal harmony while creating an environment that encourages friendly probiotic growth
  • Reduces uncomfortable abdominal ailments
  • Maintain Healthy weight
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Clears bad breathe 
  • 180-Day Guarantee — we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not absolutely satisfied.

Thousands of satisfied customers have given Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy fantastic reviews. Try Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy risk-free for yourself and feel clean again. You have nothing to lose except toxins, guaranteed!

We Asked Our Customers What They Like About Our Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy, Read The Reviews Below!

“Miracle Product for Chronic Constipation! I can honestly say that this product is amazing stuff! I suffered from chronic constipation for many years due to certain medications that I have to take. Laxatives helped sometimes, but not without uncomfortable side effects. I struggled to find something that really worked and on a consistent basis. I was so glad that I found this!
  Dean Ugiagbe in Abuja
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Results vary from person to person
You must try this formula! If you suffer from constipation, bloating and unexplained weight gain, you must try this. I used this tea, as directed, for 2 weeks. I have total, complete, and permanent relief of digestive symptoms. I can even eat foods now I would shy away from previously. No return of symptoms in over 1 month!”
  Linda Emeka In Lagos
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Results vary from person to person
“The Colon Cleanser Tea Works. I use it every day and for me it takes me to different levels of detoxification. I am amazed at how much toxic stuff the human body (or my body) is capable of storing…yuck. I keep feeling better and better and have more and more energy and am able to eat foods again that I was not able to before. It also eliminates gases, bloating, acid reflux and all of those uncomfortable feelings we get when we get older and with absolutely no side effects.”
    Mabel  in Benin
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Results vary from person to person
“The ONE!! This product is amazing! Wan song tang colon cleanser has been my miracle formula for constipation and bloating. It works great! its not your typical ‘cleanser’ this product actually makes you feel comfortable, lighter, and definetly works! I recommend this product 100%.” 
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Results vary from person to person
“I Have Finally Found An Affordable Solution to My Misery! Just a quick note to thank you for a superb product. I have been miserable my whole life when it comes to eliminating waste. Every vacation has been tainted by this horrible condition and my moods are severely affected. I can honestly say at 46 years old I have finally found an affordable solution to my misery and I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”  
    Dr. George Okiti In Abuja
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Results vary from person to person

"Have you heard about the Amazing Health Secret Of The Oldest Person In The World?"

Dear Friend, If you are interested in living a very long life….and….staying young and healthy…this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why:

Westmister Abbey is the most famous church in England. It was started in 170 A.D. That means the famous church is now 1,843 years old. It is a work of architectural genius, a place of daily worship and the burial place of kings, states men, poet, scientist, warriors and musicians. And….

The Church Has A Secret That Can Keep You Young And Healthy For A Very Long Time!

Here is the story: Inside this church are vaults and monuments of the most famous and powerful people on earth. However, one of the final resting place of the oldest person who ever lived.

His name was Thomas Parr and he was in the county of salopp, England A.D. And he lived until November 1635 AD. That means he lived….

152 years!

Not only did Thomas Parr live a very long life, he also lived a very healthy, vigorous and active life. He married his first wife when he was 80-years old.  He married again in 1605 at the age of 122. He fathered his first child when he was over 130 years old.

After Parr’s death, an English doctor William Harvey (He discovered the circulation of blood) was hired by King Charles to perform an autopsy to find out why Thomas Parr lived so long.

Doctor Harvey autopsy report was written in Latin and it has been preserved to this very day in case anybody wants to read it. It says all of Parr’s organs were in perfect conditions and his colon was as clean and healthy as that of a child.


Death Begin In The Colon!

That statement comes from a Russians Scientist, Elie Metchnikoff, who won a Noble Prize….and…it is very true! There is no getting around it. If you want to live a long and healthy life…the most important thing you can do is….make sure you have a clean colon.

Have you ever wondered if your body is as clean on the inside as it is on the outside? We shower or bath every day. We brush our teeth on a daily basis. Most of us shampoo our hair every day. We even manicure and pedicure to make sure our finger nails and toenails are clean and attractive. But most of us fail to make sure our inside is clean…..until…we develop some symptoms or a disease which gives us a wake up call.

The truth is, our digestive tract (especially the colon) is the “sewer system” of our body. If we are to enjoy good health, that system requires regular cleansing.

If you suffer from constipation, stomach pains, lack of energy, bloating or digestive problems, it is most certain you have “Unclean” and Toxic Colon. In fact, a toxic colon probably contributes to almost every day disease suffered by the human race.

“A Dirty Colon is The Heaven of All Fat Causing Toxins!”

According to a research by Boston University scientist, “Dirty” colon is a ticking time bomb that is bound to explode if you don’t detoxify it as soon as possible. But the funny thing is so many Nigerians are ignorant of the danger in not cleaning one’s colon. That is why majority of Nigerians have pile, jedi-jedi, hemorrhoid and unexplained gain weight!

Why A Clean Colon Is So Important!

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis. We take them in from food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the prescription medication we take.

These toxins and dangerous chemicals, along with the typical Nigerian diet lead to poor digestion, constipation, bloating, weight gain, low energy, headaches, and many other horrible human maladies.

Believe it or not, autopsies reveal the colons of 80% of people who have passed away are clogged up with waste material. These waste materials give parasites an ideal place to live. This tiny creatures are alive and all too often they severely harm every cell in our body. In fact, according to the magazine, “National Geographic”…..

Parasites Have Killed More Humans than The Wars In History!

But the good news is, now there is an easy way to free your body of all the excess waste material, accumulated toxins and parasites!

There is an easy way for you to get rid of constipation, parasite infection, bad breathe, bloating excess weight gain, fatigue, yeast infection, irritable bowel syndrome, a protruding belly, frequent cold, hemorrhoid and almost every disease of mankind.

That is because Wan Song Tang Health Expert has develop a highly safe internal cleansing product. Our product is called the Ultimate 4 Weeks Colon Detox Therapy. And is a virtual life saves for thousands of suffering people.

Wan Song Tang colon cleanse detox tea will get rid of ALL the toxic buildup of waste material in your digestive tract. And a regular use of the product prevents the formation of new waste build up.

You will no longer suffer from the effect of getting clogged up with mucous toxins and metabolic waste. Our formula not only keeps your colon clean, it also keeps all waste matter moving freely, efficiently and rapidly out of your body. It breaks down and removes toxic waste matter which may have been stuck in the fold and wrinkles of your digestive system for years and years.

With Wan Song Tang colon detox therapy, you do not have to follow a special diet or fast. You don’t have to be near bathroom all the time. And you don’t have to give yourself enemas or go for colonic irrigation either.

You should also know………

A Clean Colon Is The First Step To Having A Flat Stomach!

In fact, if you want to loss weight, the first step is to clean your colon thoroughly. Unless you do this, almost every weight loss program you try is doomed to failure. But with a clean colon, you can flatten your stomach, loss all your excess weight and as a bonus, you will enjoy an end to any skin problems.

And the truth is, keeping your colon clean just might give you a chance to live a long and healthy life…just like Thomas Parr.

“The 4 Weeks Colon Detox Tea!”

“The Best Natural Colon DETOX Therapy!”

What’s The “4 Week Detox Therapy” About?

The 4 Week Detox Therapy is a very effective Natural Detoxification therapy made from the EXTRACTS of 4 SIMPLE but POWERFUL herbs which are…

Chinese Green Tea

This is a  national “treasure” of the chinese people.

For over 3,000 Yrs the chinese people have been drinking herbal tea which have been making them fit and healthy from generation to generations.

Chinese green Tea is rich in “polyphenols”  and  “Catechins” which helps detoxifies your body from toxins and even helps prevent cancer!
As we know, water is life……

If your body lacks enough water, a green tea detox will help you rehydrate it. Green tea works in the same way that water does.

This means that when you detoxify your body, the green tea will help purify your blood, flush out the toxins, treat constipation, and enhance digestive functions in the body!

Mulberry leaf

Is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Modern findings show that mulberry leaves carry pharmacological actions that can benefit diabetic patients, as the leaves contain natural substances that can help reduce swelling, lose weight, lower blood pressures, bring down blood glucose levels and improve blood lipids.

It also improves the fat absorbing ability of the body which also helps detoxification & weight loss.

Cassia Seed

Cassia seed: A seed known to be found in China, Japan and Korea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a herbal tea to treat obesity. Help with digestion, eye health, weight loss, dizziness, circulation, and mood.

Hemp seeds

Are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are also a great protein source and contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. Promote weight loss, build muscle mass, boost energy, controls appetite, good quality sleep and help reduced PMS symptoms

“Imagine a TEA which is COMBO of the Above Named Powerful Ingredients?”

The 4 Weeks Detox Tea is a POWERFUL Combo of the above named ingredients JOINED together to Rapidly help chase out bad toxins from your body and detoxify your entire body from toxins rapidly!



The 4 Weeks Detox Tea is NOT just recognized by NAFDAC, but also  also approved internationally by Halal and GMP.
This means it’s 100% approved for use whether you are a Muslim or Christian.

So How Does The Tea Works?

1. It ELIMINATES All  Residue and harmful bacteria that’s NOT just in Colon alone, but also all over your INTERNAL body system. So that nothing will stop it from working fast on you… 

2. Then The Active “Special Blend of the Herbal ingredients” loosen and remove deeply impacted toxic build up in the colon.

3. The special herbs help your body kill and expel potentially dangerous  intestinal worms, their eggs and other parasites that inhabit the body. The herbal remedies in ultimate colon detox therapy have been use for thousands of years and are proven to be effective.

4. FINALLY:   Your Colon Will be Cleansed, your Digestive System will be Void of Free Radicals and Bad Bacteria ready to serve you!  

"In Fact, the way this Tea works is just like the way Panadol works to cure your headache!"

All you need is to Just take a cup of hot water, put the tea bag inside it, wait for 10 – 15 minutes to dissolve…
Then you drink it and watch how it starts to “Detoxifies” your body without you taking any Bitter Agbo or Ogidiga!

“In Short, It Will RAPIDLY Clean Your Colon So Your Constipation, bad breath, Bloating and Hemorrhoid will Stop & Free From Toxins...FOREVER!”

Why Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy is Risk-Free to Try

We are so sure you’ll see and feel the health benefiting results of  Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy that if you aren’t absolutely satisfied…
If you aren’t feeling better, you’re protected by our…
100% No-Risk 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your results, we’ll refund your money.

Why is Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy Best Colon Cleanse Product?

  • Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy is designed to clean the entire 25 to 30 feet of the digestive tract and oxidize and reduce the amount of hard impacted fecal matter. Other cleansers stimulate mucous production in the colon rather than breaking down hard fecal matter.
  • Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy contains a unique combination of  Hemp Seed, Lily, Cassia Seed, Mulberry and Green Tea., not harmful chemical drugs which can damage the delicate intestinal lining.
  • The active ingredients in Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy tea are clinically proven safe and effective.
  • Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy is carefully made in Asia from globally sourced ingredients under strict quality controls and processing.
  • Backed with a 100% satisfaction – 180 day money back guarantee

Try Our Ultimate Colon Detox Therapy Today!

  “2 Weeks Detox” Tea Today! 

1 Pack

Normal Price 20,000

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    (2 Weeks plan)


  “4 Weeks Detox” Tea Today! 

2 Packs

Normal Price 40,000

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    (4 Weeks plan)


We Offer Payment On Delivery Nationwide 

This means you only make payment when you receive the product and you enjoy FREE shipping  to any part of Nigeria.

Once we Confirm your order through a call

We will hand over the product to the COURIER company we use.

They will package it and the Product will be delivered to your doorsteps within 2-3 days.

Ps: We understand the importance of PRIVACY. We shall package this product very well and no-one else but you will understand what this package is all about.

Please We Are Begging, DO NOT  Place An Order For This PRODUCT If You Don’t Have The following below :

  1. The Money ready to receive the Product
  2. If you are not ready to receive the product within  2 to 5 days  To Avoid Wasting Our Time, Money And Resources!!!
  3. Please don’t place an order if you will be traveling in the  next 5 days  from now.

We spend a lot of resources (time, money and energy)  to ship these items to different Locations all round Nigeria and a lot of wicked people would place an order And refuse to collect once It arrives their locations, causing us over  million in losses monthly.

So we are pleading with you now, please do not order for this product if you will be travelling soon or you don’t have the cash ready to recieve the product right now.

 Please we beg you in the name of God/Allah, if you don’t respect us then you must Respect God your creator.

But if you are ready to get it Today.

Fill the form below to order now

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Fill out my webform.

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