Pipe Clogging Is A Common Problem
Facing Households And Industrial
Plumbing System Today!


The Magic Pipe Cleaning Powder That Has Helped Millions Of People To Get Rid of Clogs Blocking Their Pipes, Sinks, Toilets, Bathtub And Allow Water To Flow Through Easily…

All plumbing systems develop clogs
there's no way to avoid it...

 Plumbing in houses is prone to blockages which are harder to clear without damaging the pipes. Traditional measures such as using a large-gauge snake can over-stress older plumbing and cause leaks that results in even more extensive repair procedures. What is worse, while these old-school methods may punch a hole in a blockage and provide a short-term correction, the conditions inside the pipe that caused the blockages in the first place often remain unchanged. The inevitable recurrent clogged plumbing eventually leave major dismantling or excavation as the last option.

Advances in pipe cleaning technology including power-rodding and hydro-jetting have added important options to your plumber’s weapons against slow or clogged drains. These alternatives require the services of a professional plumber who’s invested in this specialized equipment and the training to use it correctly.

How Blockage Happens

Usually, it’s not the last solid object that swirls down the drain that causes a clog. The fact is, the clog that’s causing the headache today actually began time long ago with the gradual accumulation of sludge on the inside of the pipe. The sludge slowly constricts the internal diameter of the plumbing and restricting free flow of water. Sludge is a sticky concoction of soap scum, grease, hair, food particles and even the dissolved minerals in the water. Once a layer of sludge forms, more sludge tends to accumulate in that segment of the pipe. This further narrows the size of the pipe until only a small channel allows free flow of water. At that point, any minor bit of solid matter flushed down the drain may cause a total blockage.

When a common drain snake, such as those sometimes used by “do-it-yourselfers,” drills a hole in the clog or pushes it down, water flow may resume. However, the accumulation of sludge that formed the foundation for the blockage is still intact. In time, another clog will form at that site. The homeowner knows only that his plumbing keeps jamming up and assumes that each clog is an entirely new occurrence when actually it’s just a replay of the previous event. 

The usual result is a familiar scenario to anyone who has ever had to deal with this problem: After the messy, unsuccessful experience of attempting to clear a recurrent clog by DIY, the homeowner finally consults a professional plumber. When a reputable, experienced pro arrives, he’ll come equipped to restore the flow of waste water in addition to rectifying the conditions that promote the blockage. The plumber usually charges huge amount of money for his service rendered. 

If you are constantly plagued with clogged or slow drains, and your want to get rid of it and  prevent the bad smell, frustration and depression that often results when drains are blocked…

We have good New For You!!!!

We Have The Newly Discovered
Magic Pipe Cleaner

The Magic Pipe Cleaning Powder is a unique, safe, but extremely powerful that offers clears stubborn blockage in the sink and drain. It Dissolves grease, hair, oils, soap scum and paper products easily.

  • Perfect to use on pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs and in other main drain lines
  • Made of a non-corrosive formula that’s safe on septic systems
  • Uses its high density to cling to pipes and liquify drain obstructions
  • Non-corrosive, non caustic and odorless formula 

Watch To See It
In Action!

Common Causes Of Plumbing
System Blockage

Clogging or Blocking of plumbing drains and pipes is unavoidable and it can happen in systems such as: 

  1. Bathroom:  Most  bathroom drain clogs result when dirt, skin flakes, and especially hair binds to soap scum on the walls of drain pipes. Over time, this gunk accumulates and reduces water flow.
  2. Toilets: Clogged toilets are a nasty businesses. These mainly happen when people try flushing down items that do not dissolve or break apart in water such as:
  • Feminine hygiene product
  • Cotton-tipped swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Pre-moistened diaper wipes
  • Used Condoms

The best preventative for keeping your toilet free from clogs is to only put in waste and paper that readily dissolve in water. Regular cleaning will also keep water flowing smoothly.

  3. Kitchen: Kitchen sink clog when cooking grease or oil cake onto drain pipe walls. Add detergent soap scum and un-dissolved food particles (such as rice which expands in water), and you’ve got a stubborn, gunky clog.

It can be used on any drain in your home, just simply pour it down to the mouth and it will handle the rest.

Why This Product Is Unique...
  • Made from non-corrosive & non-caustic materials, it effectively tackles the stubborn blockage with no harm to your drains, pipes or septic system. 
  • Unclogs blocked slow-running drains:
  • unclog blocked drains instantly without waiting. 
  • Super-strength dissolving formula: Removes gunge & hair, cleans & freshens pipes.
  • Dissolves All Obstructions: Remove mostly obstructions like grease, hair, oils, scum and food

What our happy customers have to say..

  • MC J

strong cleaning power!

Supermarket grade bleach is simply too weak and once you have used this product, I am certain you will never go back to supermarket bleach. I used this on my shower drain and it worked great – the most effective product so thus. I have also even used it to clean a brass nut and thread that had collected hard-water minerals over a number of years.

  • Mrs. Caleb

unclog my drain instantly!

This one little action solve my bathtub drain problem. They worked immediately on my slow bathroom drain! I’ve put one in all my bathrooms and the kitchen sink! Wonderful product and will buy again!

  • Mr. K

It”s work instantly!

My toilet was clogged and the it took a long time to drain all the water after every time i used it. After two usage the it was unclogged.They worked immediately on my slow bathroom drain! I’ve put one in all my bathrooms and the kitchen sink! Wonderful product and will buy again!

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Instructions On How
To Use This Power product..

1. Take an appropriate amount of tube powder.
2. Pour the powder into the tube.
3. Inject the right amount of water.
4. Wait 30 minutes to observe the disolving effect.

Powerful Sink  Drain Cleaner gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils and organic matter easily.


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Our New CUSTOMERS provided this reviews...

  • Engr. Joel

Smell good!

Used this in some slow draining sinks in my kitchen and bathroom which are now draining much better. I have put it in my bathtub and am expecting to see similar results.. I no longer have to put a bowl inside my sink while watching plates to prevent blockage.

  • Ms. Blessing

It’s working

As a mother of three kids, I was constantly faced with the challenge of blocked toilet drain and kitchen sink. I was unavoidable to the point that i have even believed that it is normal. When i came across this magic powder, I did not hesitate to place an order. The effect was awesome and I now have permanent solution to clogging. I strongly recommend this product

  • Mrs. Kate

I first came across this powder in my friend’s house. I though it was just one of thos many options I have tried. She convinced me that it works perfectly but I did not believe until she have to give me a little quantity to try. Aft 20 minues of application my kitchen sink opened and water started flowing speedily. this was what motivated me to place order when I came across your advert online. I recommend.

Get MAGIC PIPE CLEANER NOW for a one time Solution to all your Plumbing and Sink problems.. 

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